5 logistics innovations supporting e-commerce in 2021

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With the recent massive shift to e-commerce, logistics innovations will also experience an increase to support e-commerce transactions in the years ahead.

In light of the upheaval due to the pandemic, it comes as no surprise that online interactions jumped from 42% in 2019 to 60% in 2020. Virtually all product and service companies worldwide have been forced to transform their business models to one that includes e-commerce, but many are still struggling with logistics issues.

With the role of facilitating the stable and timely delivery of products to customers, logistics innovations are also set to improve e-commerce in the years ahead. These innovations in logistics are just some that are demonstrating how they will better support e-commerce in 2021.

Regardless of industry, e-commerce is the way of the future, and whether it’s shipment quotes, discounts, fulfillment, transportation, or QR logging, logistics innovations will remain an essential enabler.

Logmore’s logistics solution helps companies solve e-commerce logistics challenges. This innovative Quick Response (QR) data logging solution tracks, analyzes, and reports the condition of products during transit.

Supply chain personnel can scan QR codes using a connected smartphone, then during transit, critical condition-specific data, such as location, humidity, temperature, or light is synchronized with the data system and displayed. In contrast to Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, Logmore is built to stand up to international shipping and can even scan damaged or unclean QR codes. Through Logmore’s API, e-commerce supply chain companies can also build their own quality assurance apps.

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