Attracting young talents to a logistics career

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The logistics industry is currently struggling with finding new talents. This type of career does not seem attractive, and we see a drop in the number of young people applying for these positions. With an aging workforceworkforce slowly moving towards retirement, the entire industry faces an existential threat. However, not all is lost. Everyone needs to focus on attracting young talents to a logistics career. There are still ways to save this industry from extinction.

Is the logistics industry really going away for good?

It is not possible to imagine living in a world without transportation and logistics. Even now when the pandemic ravages our planet, we witnessed the largest supply chain effort ever undertaken. People need logistics in order to live a quality life.

However, the danger we are facing today is real. If we look at the median age of the truckers, not only in the US but in Europe as well, it is somewhere around the age of 46. Over 45% of truck drivers belong to that age group. A terrifying realization is that only 9% of drivers in the United States are below the age of 25.

It is a fact that younger people are attracted to more interesting jobs. Jobs that allow them to work from home, online.

How can the logistics industry compete with the more attractive professions?

The entire workforce is reshaping. During the next 10 years, almost 80% of the population will live in developing countries, looking for exciting career opportunities. This redistribution of people all over the world will need the support of the logistics industry.

However, with the mentioned problems in mind, we need to figure out how to approach these young talents. In just 4 years, almost 70% of the world’s workforce will be Millennials and Gen Z. Their interests are widely different, and they all seek development and improvement.

Attracting young talents to a logistics career is only possible if the entire industry rapidly changes for the better.

How to reshape the logistics industry?

Logistics companies are recognizing the need for restructuring and delivering quicker response and flexibility, not only for customers but for employees as well. To do a complete makeover, we need to first establish the biggest issues in the logistics industry:
These are serious issues that will hinder your ability to hire young talents. However, the real question is, are these ideas at all correct, or is that just how people outside of the industry imagine things are?

  • the lack of professional growth;
  • employee safety;
  • the lack of gender diversity;
  • no career progression;
  • lower pay;

Educate younger population

Anyone who works in the logistics industry knows that these are all misconceptions based on not understanding the nature of the business. The logistics industry stands behind the strongest brands in the world. It is a fast-paced and dynamic environment, and there are plenty of options to advance and build a career.

The idea is to reframe the narrative. Expose the true image of the industry, and educate younger talents about it.

The lack of technological development in the logistics industry

Many people think that the logistics industry is behind many others because there is no technological development. However, that is yet another misconception. Currently, the logistics industry is the main field for driverless vehicles, machine automation, robotics, blockchain, and many other interesting and useful technologies.

Help young talents find a purpose

The biggest misconception of all is that the logistics industry is simply “moving goods from location A to location B”. Even though this process is at its core, there is so much more to this career choice.

The main focus of the logistics industry is its customers. Providing exceptional service, and delivering without delays is a goal that every company aims for. You need to show young professionals that they can find professional purpose here. The best way to do this is with the help of your employees. They are the real spokespeople who will advertise not just your company, but the entire industry.

Young people need to see that the logistics industry nurtures its employees, and helps them to achieve greatness through personal and professional improvement.

Focus on employee safety

One of the real threats in the logistics industry is employee safety. Warehousing and transportation have a high volume of work-related injuries. By improving employee safety, you are showing the dedication and commitment every new employee wants to see.

If you meet your workers’ needs, not only in the professional sense, you will build a strong and supportive community.

How to guarantee employee satisfaction?

It is a fact that people go where there is an opportunity for improvement. Arizona, Florida, California, Colorado, and many other states are becoming prime locations for people looking to relocate for work. For example, moving to Florida has become quite popular recently among those who want a career change.

Why are people attracted to these states? What guarantees employee satisfaction that will drive someone to move for work?

There are 3 main qualities that the logistics industry needs to work on:
The future of the logistics industry lies in attracting young talents to a logistics career

  • building relationships with employees – there must be clear and supportive communication between all the employees in the company.
  • creating meaningful job openings – people need a purpose. By researching their interests, you need to create meaningful job openings that will help new employees fulfill that purpose.
  • ensuring career progression – career progression is only possible through communication and professional interest. Work closely on both with your employees, and see that their needs are met.

As we can see, attracting young talents to a logistics career is the only way to save the entire industry from an impending collapse. As the years go by, we have fewer people interested in this career choice. However, with the right approach, that can all change.

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