92 years of experience

& more than 25.000 square meters of warehouses, offices and port units in order to provide reliable and full shipping service s around the world.

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Why EuroEnterprises?

  • Capability of offering a complete and reliable service: from door transportation and container stuffing to customs operations and transport certificate issue.
  • Competitive tariffs obtained through long term relationship with shipping companies and cooperation with local and foreign correspondents / supplier
  • Proactive and experienced team willing to answer to all customers’ necessities / requests in all aspects of logistics.


  • To meet customers requests EuroEnterprises works a san integrated multimodal logistic operator, covering logistic service not only limited to transport but also covering all parts of the shipping process and coordinating the supply-chain as a single player. Main industries covered: Steel products and by-products, Project Cargoes and Break Bulk.
  • EuroEnterprises services are tailored on every customer’s necessity and cover all aspects of logistics, from storage and handling to more complicated activities with multimodal transports arrangement.
  • Activities EuroEnterprises takes care off or its customers cover warehousing, both National and International logistic platforms, planning of distribution, Import and Export organization, tracking and tracing of transported goods and customs warehousing.

Container – Project Cargoes – Steel Products – Airfreight

  • EuroEnterprises coordinates shipments of containerized cargoes both for Import and Export with major Shipping Companies.
  • EuroEnterprises takes care of the whole organization process of the shipments following cargoes all the way through the Logistic Chain.
  • EuroEnterprises offers an expert service for shipments of Project Cargo, heavy lift items, out of gauge pieces, following all National and International regulations. The door-to-door services include all necessary processes of transportation, loading and discharging and of course customs operation also for dangerous cargoes and transportation of wastes.
  • Having a dedicated AEO/customs forwarders, EuroEnterprises can offer consulting services and expertise to its customers being able to rely on a well tested network of International correspondents.
  • EuroEnterprises can cover shipment from and to any “door “all around the world.

Warehouse and Logistics

  • Good insurance according to International best practices
  • Safe storage in highly protected warehouses with high standards of surveillance.
  •  Import / Export shipments
  • Customs broker assistance
  • Logistics and picking

Related activities

  • EuroEnterprises services are known for being tailored to every necessity of the customer, with a pro-active attitude which grants the highest added value to the service and the products.
  • Complex integrated logistics are EuroEnterprises specialty: by a well balanced and fully tested out-sourcing and an experienced blending with in-house services EuroEnterprises can offer the most reliable
    and effective service to all kinds of industry.

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Delivered by Air, Sea and Ground.

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